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Who is hiding behind Fleur de Lune?

elisabeth raynal

Le mot d'Eli - Fleur de Lune

Hello ! I am Eli, the creator of Fleur de Lune. I am an intuitive, connected and very creative young woman. I have always been very connected to the energies that surround me.

After obtaining a Master 2 in law, I changed direction by working for two years in sales, in several organic food and ready-to-wear brands.

I then train in Naturopathy, energy treatments and massages.

I then concentrate his energy to create my own Concept-Store:

Moon Flower ♡ ❀ ☾

The "Fleur de Lune" Concept-Store contains a Boutique and a Beauty/Wellness Studio.

It is an energetic, spiritual and holistic Concept-Store.

THE SHOP: It contains handmade energy candles created by me, as well as quality lithotherapy crystals.

THE STUDIO: Passionate about beauty, natural cosmetics and energies, I also work as a Practitioner  certified in Kobido Massage, Lymphatic Drainage of the Face (Young Face), Energetician and Naturopathic Advisor.

Other performances are to come.

Fleur de Lune is a brandfiledcandles ♡

♡ Live the present moment & Impermanence 

♡ With Love ♡


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